The Goliath Birdeater

The Goliath birdeater looking for a meal at night

Due to time constraints, I haven’t been able finish to project. Originally the game was to be a stealth game whereby the spider would hunt for prey and keep a look out for predators. The screenshot certainly doesn’t look good, but every effort was made to make it as playable as possible making it look realistic. Since the video, I’ve adding stronger lightning which brightens up the scene, and added rain and mist.  My main aim, as with all my sims, is to recreate the environment and atmosphere, however, it’s a delicate balance between gameplay and realism.

However, you can still have a play around.  There are several animated animals in the game but unfortunately I haven’t had chance to implement any interaction between them. It will take a while to get used to the camera, which is controlled by the excellent CineMachine provided free by Unity.  The position differs slightly from the YouTube video to give a spider’s eye viewpoint of the Amazon at night.

The spider, as with most other animal models, are from Junnichi Suko. I highly recommend his work, though the full pack has become more expensive.  Therefore I recommend buying his smaller packs first, such as his 7 Turtles Pack, or his individual models.

If you are new to Unity, then I recommend cheap low poly animal models.  There are many free low-poly environments floating around, that way you don’t need to worry about optimisation nor wasting money, and will give you the basics of game design for the future.

My next project will be a drone simulator, although the exact details have yet to be decided, it will be based on the BBC Planet Earth series. It will primarily involve animals and their interaction with the drone and each other.  Any donations will go towards to this project.

Please also remember that first and foremost I’m a lover of natural history, and use Unity3D to try to recreate the natural world. Unity is a time-consuming and expensive hobby, and one that requires a huge amount of time that I simply don’t have.


I realised shortly after uploading that the Capybara is pink, this is because I accidentally removed the fur shader it was using, thinking it was obsolete.

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